Northern SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme

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Northern SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme



Barbon Pot

After several years of effort the 2 tons of waste blocking the top of the entrance shaft has been cleared by Sam Lieberman and Ray Duffy. The CNCC conservation volunteers dragged the waste down to the road for recycling and disposal. Thanks to Daleswaer of Ingleton for 'design and build' of a drag sheet made from tackle sac material with webbing straps which made the job much easier. Epic effort all round. The cave at the bottom of the beautiful 50ft shaft is now being re surveyed by Ray and Sam. Access details on the CNCC website

SSSI Cave Monitoring

A new round of sssi cave monitoring is now underway. This should be completed by April 2016. So get your reports comming in once again.


Surface Conservation Works

See Speleology Magazine issue 19 for the story of recent cave conservation by CNCC volunteers in partnership with Natural England


Contact me if you have a project you would like to take on this year.

Andrew Hinde   CNCC conservation officer.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



dscn0004_smallThis site has been set up to facilitate communication between Natural England (formerly English Nature) and northern cavers on the administration of the Northern SSSI Cave Conservation Monitoring Scheme. This joint project will help Natural England fulfil it's statutory obligation to monitor the condition of SSSI cave systems. NE does not have the staff with underground experience to undertake this work so CNCC and NE are asking for the help of experienced cavers to assist in this monitoring work.

This website will also enable cavers to have access to the most up to date version of the Monitoring Forms and surveys that are available for cave sites within our geological (Cave) SSSIs. It is hoped that the site will further serve to publicise the Scheme and highlight the importance of maintaining up to date records on the condition of our scheduled caves and mines. Casino freespins

Here you can find:-

Cave surveys highlighting areas of particular interest in each cave from a scientific and conservation point of view.

Cave Monitoring Forms for cavers to complete to let us know of the condition of, and any changes to, the features highlighted on the surveys. (Whether good or bad.)

Some important points:

1. Recording and completion of forms must only be done as part of a normal caving trip.

2. Features of interest in cave SSSIs have been selected primarily for their scientific value and not necessarily their aesthetic appearance. Hence, a much-abused muddy stagmite on a tourist route may not look important but can still provide evidence of ancient climatic conditions and the timing of cave development. Similarly cave sediments, otherwise known as mud, provide a great deal of information to the scientist and should be treated with respect.

The scheme can only operate successfully with your help.